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How Smart Meters are Making Homes More Energy Efficient

Smart meters are making homes more energy efficient due to the way they keep track and show you how much gas and electricity has been used. The smart meters show a break down in pounds and pence just how much energy has been used and can also give an accurate reading of how much bills are going to be for you. The readings from the smart meter are automatically sent to your energy supplier around once every month. Many different energy companies are giving customers the opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter a long with installation of smart meters in homes across Scotland, England and Wales free of charge.   Homes more energy efficient with simple smart meter readings…

How to Get the Best Energy Efficient Appliances for the Home

Becoming energy efficient is important in today’s world. It is well documented that we need to be smarter with earth’s resources or we will end up spoiling this planet for the coming generations. Finding the right energy efficient appliances for our homes can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look. They can offer a range of benefits, including saving us money on energy bills. Here’s a quick guide on buying these appliances:

How Blinds In Glasgow Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

There are many ways that you can optimise your home to make it more energy efficient, and therefore better for the environment. One way to help your city home is with blinds in Glasgow. Blinds come with multiple benefits for your health and for the environment. We have gathered some of the key points in this article. Blinds are an extremely practical and efficient way to change the look of your home while staying green in the process. Find out how blinds in Glasgow can make your home more energy efficient now.

More Tips For Helping The Environment At Home

If you have read some of our previous articles then you will have a better idea of how to help protect the environment using small actions. There are many ways you can help the environment from the comfort of your own home. Some of them are very obvious, but others you may not have thought of before. Some of the easiest ones are listed below for you to have a look at. The environment needs all the help it can get so we hope you incorporate at least a few of these into your daily lives. Read on and find out how you can help the environment at home now.

Glasgow Dentists Approve Of Eco-Friendly Dental Hygiene

Although it is of the utmost importance to take care of your dental hygiene, it is also necessary to consider the impact on the environment. Some products and tools can leave a lasting negative impact on the nature around us. Therefore it’s necessary to find out what Glasgow dentists recommend for keeping your dental routine eco-friendly. Make sure you keep up regular dental check-ups from your dentist to ensure you are taking the best care of your teeth. Read on and find out how to make your dental routine more eco-friendly.

Life Changes You can make for a More Eco-friendly Home

The impact we are having on our surrounding is becoming something we should start worrying about with our lifestyles being far from eco-friendly. A massive waste of resources and over-doing everything has led us to a point where we need to take a step back and consider making a few changes. Switch instead of buying: With plenty of people looking to revamp their closet every month or so, the amount of material that goes straight to the landfills has increased. Instead of throwing away your old clothes and going straight to the store to stock up on some more, try going to one of the many swap events across the UK where you can pick up clothes other people do…

Landlords Could Be Fined if Properties Are Not Eco-Friendly

Landlords in the county of Norfolk have been told that they would have to pay a fine if their houses are not up to the eco-friendly mark. If the plan is approved by the councillors then landlords could stand to lose a lot of cash if their houses are not ticking the boxes laid out by the government. As the United Kingdom is progressively becoming more and more eco-friendly landlords are now becoming legally accountable if they do not provide properties that are not good enough. Fines will start rolling in for any landlords who score anything below an E on the government index that rates the energy consumption rates. The rating can be anywhere from an A which is…

Four Great Ways to Save Money and Energy for your Home

Tons of houses across the UK struggle with their monthly electricity bill and it feels like it is increasing by the month. Approximately 15 trillion watts of power are being used across the globe at any given moment while the amount of energy used in the United States doubles every 20 years. Making simple practices tradition in your home could reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you a few bucks. Pick better bulbs- Traditional bulbs consumer a lot of electricity and there have been better options available for years so not using them is simply shooting up your costs. It is hardly an investment with CFLs and LEDs costing barely anything but saving anywhere from 30% to 80% of…