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Water Meters

Whether you live alone in a flat or share a house, you can start saving serious money with a water meter. It’s cost- and hassle free – your water company will install it at no charge – and you could significantly cut your annual bill.

Why install a water meter?

There are two reasons why you should consider installing a water meter where you live: environmental and financial.

As you’re probably aware, tap water comes from either beneath the ground or from the UK’s rivers. Since as nation we’re abstracting too much that isn’t being replaced by rainfall – owing to climate change – this will have an adverse effect on the levels and habitats of rivers and lakes.

This is simple: with a water meter, you’re only charged for the water you use – in the same way as for the gas and electricity. Why pay for other people’s use, which is what happens when you pay water rates which are based on an average, little more than a guess at how much you use.

Environmental + Financial = Perfect Sense

Installing a water meter won’t cost you anything, but will make you more aware of how much water you use – and therefore save you money. According to the Environment Agency, installing a water metersaves between 5% and 15% on total water use. And people with water meters are more likely to have an idea of their consumption than those without.

When to install a water meter

Under the rates system, the amount you pay for water is based on the rateable value of your home in England and Wales, or your council tax band if you live in Scotland. These rates also include a standing charge to cover customer services, such as billing. You may therefore pay more – or less – than the amount of water you actually use.

Bear in mind that in general, water meters will raise your awareness about usage – and therefore contribute to greater water efficiency.

How to get a water meter

All water meter installations are free – due to Government legislation. So, provided it’s neither impracticable nor uneconomic, companies must fit a water meter within 3 months of your application.

So make a difference – save water and save money by calling your water company today. Once you have your water meter, you can then save even more with our water-saving products.