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How Smart Meters are Making Homes More Energy Efficient

Smart meters are making homes more energy efficient due to the way they keep track and show you how much gas and electricity has been used. The smart meters show a break down in pounds and pence just how much energy has been used and can also give an accurate reading of how much bills are going to be for you. The readings from the smart meter are automatically sent to your energy supplier around once every month. Many different energy companies are giving customers the opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter a long with installation of smart meters in homes across Scotland, England and Wales free of charge.


Homes more energy efficient with simple smart meter readings

grass plug making homes more energy efficient

Smart meters are easy to use and can give accurate readings without making things too complicated. Your energy supplier can only access your energy meter readings if agreed to do so. No other information is taken from your home and it doesn’t need to be connected to internet to take readings. Energy network operators will receive anonymous readings in order to improve energy needs.

Benefits of a smart meter

light bulb with green background making homes more energy efficient

Benefits of having a smart meter is that you can save energy and see how much you actually use as well as the costs. Smart meters can give a more accurate reading on just how much your bill will be each month. This will benefit households as it will be able to show what source is using the most energy and can help people know what to cut down on what they are using if they are trying to save.


Public’s view on smart meters


Generally around 73% people with a smart meter would recommend a smart meter to friends or family. This shows that they are received well by the public and actually work efficiently. Each year according to energy provider’s, people are saving £75.00 each year with smart meters.