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Posts published in “Energy”

How Smart Meters are Making Homes More Energy Efficient

Smart meters are making homes more energy efficient due to the way they keep track and show you how much gas and electricity has been used. The smart meters show a break down in pounds and pence just how much energy has been used and can also give an accurate reading of how much bills are going to be for you. The readings from the smart meter are automatically sent to your energy supplier around once every month. Many different energy companies are giving customers the opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter a long with installation of smart meters in homes across Scotland, England and Wales free of charge.   Homes more energy efficient with simple smart meter readings…

Why Portable Buildings Can Be Eco Friendly

With many people becoming more concerned with how their consumption effects the planet – sustainability is becoming a massive consumption trend. With the charge on plastic bags and ban on plastic straws, people are becoming more aware with what they are buying and consuming. The word portable has connotations that it is designed to not last very long – therefore making it unsustainable and hence unattractive to the end consumer. However portable buildings for some business are essential -for example construction companies. However ‘portable’ means it can be used again and again and can be moved all over the country. Here are some reasons why portable buildings give you a competitive advantage for you business: Cost Effective Portable buildings can…

What Is The Future For Renewable Energy?

In recent years the renewable energy sector has seen a number of large change in overall attitudes to it as well as climate change and global warming. Many more properties across the UK now have solar power and there has been a growth in offshore wind farms. However the growth of renewable energy has somewhat been stunted. Through this article we will examine what has affected this sector and the changes that have been see. Government Support In recent years government support for renewable energy has been growing steadily. Many grants were provided by the government for renewable energy development and research. However now that many projects have reached the launch phase and have finished their research they are finding…

How to Get the Best Energy Efficient Appliances for the Home

Becoming energy efficient is important in today’s world. It is well documented that we need to be smarter with earth’s resources or we will end up spoiling this planet for the coming generations. Finding the right energy efficient appliances for our homes can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look. They can offer a range of benefits, including saving us money on energy bills. Here’s a quick guide on buying these appliances:

How Blinds In Glasgow Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

There are many ways that you can optimise your home to make it more energy efficient, and therefore better for the environment. One way to help your city home is with blinds in Glasgow. Blinds come with multiple benefits for your health and for the environment. We have gathered some of the key points in this article. Blinds are an extremely practical and efficient way to change the look of your home while staying green in the process. Find out how blinds in Glasgow can make your home more energy efficient now.

Four Great Ways to Save Money and Energy for your Home

Tons of houses across the UK struggle with their monthly electricity bill and it feels like it is increasing by the month. Approximately 15 trillion watts of power are being used across the globe at any given moment while the amount of energy used in the United States doubles every 20 years. Making simple practices tradition in your home could reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you a few bucks. Pick better bulbs- Traditional bulbs consumer a lot of electricity and there have been better options available for years so not using them is simply shooting up your costs. It is hardly an investment with CFLs and LEDs costing barely anything but saving anywhere from 30% to 80% of…