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Why You Should Consider Vinyl plank flooring & Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Your Property

Vinyl plank flooring & Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) gives the look of hardwood & stone floors at a more cost-effective price point and is also extremely durable and waterproof.

LVT flooring typically consists of click-together or loose-lay features, making repairs much simpler than with standard sheet vinyl floors, which often necessitate tearing up an entire floor for repair purposes.

dog laying on vinyl flooring

Easy to maintain

Vinyl flooring can withstand both kitchen spills and water splashes in bathrooms, providing waterproof protection. When liquid or food stains occur, use a damp mop to wipe them up. Additionally, doormats at each entrance can reduce dirt entering from outside, reducing staining over time and also protecting vinyl flooring from fading and scratching over time.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floors are much easier to care for than hardwood or tile, as they do not require regular scrubbing or waxing. When cared for properly, luxury vinyl can be an affordable and appealing upgrade for any home. To explore its potential benefits further, schedule an appointment with 50 Floor today. We’ll bring samples directly to you so you can see them firsthand in your space before answering your questions and providing sound advice from one of our flooring experts!


Luxury vinyl plank (LVT and SPC), also known as LVT and SPC, has become increasingly popular due to its durability, scratch resistance, cost-cutting qualities, and ease of installation compared to wood, stone, and ceramic flooring options. Unfortunately, some glues used during installation emit harmful gases known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which have long-term detrimental impacts on indoor air quality (IAQ).

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are chemicals released from various household products that may off-gas and cause respiratory issues, but you can find low-VOC vinyl flooring that is safe for both you and your family. Look for brands certified as low or zero VOC as well as being free of phthalates.

Cali Bamboo provides an assortment of beautiful designs to meet every style preference. Their vinyl is manufactured in nearby mills, meeting FloorScore certification standards for safety. Their vinyl is also durable and waterproof—both features that come standard with their lifetime warranties—easy to keep clean with broom and mop cleaning, and it resists cracking and scratches as well.


Vinyl plank flooring & Luxury vinyl flooring planks and tiles are built to withstand busy households and the wear and tear of life, providing an appealing yet resilient flooring option that is both visually appealing and easy to keep clean.

Plank-style floors tend to resemble wood flooring quite effectively, while tile-form styles resemble ceramics and natural stones more closely.

No matter its style, modern vinyl flooring is highly durable and resilient. Engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic and hold up against many elements like water damage, scuffing, scratches, and mould growth, vinyl can withstand it all with ease!

When selecting a specific vinyl product, pay close attention to its construction and thickness. A thicker, rigid-core product may provide greater support. Also, make sure it comes equipped with an anti-vapour barrier underlayment for an ideal result.


Vinyl offers the same aesthetic at a significantly more reasonable cost and is more resistant to moisture than hardwood, making it suitable for areas frequently visited by both pets and kids.

Glue-down vinyl flooring is one of the most popular vinyl floor options, providing a variety of styles and colours to meet any decor. Installed directly over concrete or plywood subfloors without an underlayment layer, its thin nature allows any imperfections in subfloor surfaces to show through easily.

Rigid core click lock Luxury vinyl plank flooring can also be installed without an underlayment for easy installation. Thicker materials provide a more comfortable underfoot feel; some products even incorporate cork or foam underlays for a quiet, soft surface; plus, some vinyl plank flooring plans can even be grouted for a truly authentic tile look.