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Do Tarmac Driveways Cost the Earth or Can They Be Eco-Friendly?

How Much Do Tarmac Driveways Cost? Tarmac driveways are considerably cheaper than other types of driveway solutions and this makes them very popular. But, saying that, tarmac driveways cost the planet a lot more than what will come out of your pocket. This article will explore if there is an eco-friendly alternative to tarmac, that won’t break your bank in the process. How Much Do Tarmac Driveways Cost the Earth? What many people don’t realise is the harm that a tarmac driveway can have on the environment. Tarmac driveways cost the earth more than you might think, the largely unspoken issues that can be caused include; Deplete Resources Tarmac driveways used to commonly be made out of tar, which is…