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What You Should Know About Atlas Copco Air Compressors

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, it’s always good to have an air compressor on hand. If you’re in the market for a new one, take a look at some of the newer “Plus” series that are available from Atlas Copco. They offer a variety of options to choose from at Atlas Copco Glasgow.

Rotary Screw

Whether you are looking for a compact, portable air compressor or one that can be located in the corner of your factory, Atlas Copco has the solution for your needs. The company’s G-series features rotary screw technology for high quality air and superior cooling.

The company has recently launched the G 2-7 rotary screw air compressor. These compressors offer an advanced built-in refrigerant air dryer and low noise levels. They are ideal for manufacturing, workshops, and remote mining operations.

Oil-Free Piston

Whether you are looking for an efficient and reliable solution for an application, or you’re looking for an energy efficient and oil free solution for your business, Atlas Copco can provide the right solution for your needs. With a global presence in over 170 countries and an oil free production facility in Antwerp, Belgium, Atlas Copco is the world leader in oil free compressors.

Oil-free air technology provides several benefits, including reduced energy consumption, reduced oil cost, and reduced maintenance costs. It eliminates the need for condensate collection, condensate treatment, and oil disposal. It also minimizes leaks and energy loss from decreasing filter pressure.

Variable Speed

Designed to deliver high performance, minimal energy consumption and flexible operation, Atlas Copco GA VSD+ compressors are an ideal choice for most industries. They offer a compact footprint and silent operation. They are designed to work with existing electrical systems. They also offer a one-year end-to-to-end warranty.

These compressors feature an in-house designed Neos compact inverter unit that delivers maximum energy savings. They are designed to meet the toughest air compressor requirements. Compared to conventional inverter drives, the Neos drive provides eight percent more energy savings. It also offers a robust drive that is efficient and reliable.

New ‘Plus’ Series

Introducing the “Plus” series of Atlas Copco air compressors. These compressors have been designed to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. They offer several options to fit a wide range of needs.

Designed with a high-efficiency, iPM motor, these units save up to 50% in energy consumption. They also feature a high-quality screw element and PACE technology for better performance. They are available in air-cooled and water-cooled models.