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Why Portable Buildings Can Be Eco Friendly

With many people becoming more concerned with how their consumption effects the planet – sustainability is becoming a massive consumption trend. With the charge on plastic bags and ban on plastic straws, people are becoming more aware with what they are buying and consuming.

The word portable has connotations that it is designed to not last very long – therefore making it unsustainable and hence unattractive to the end consumer. However portable buildings for some business are essential -for example construction companies. However ‘portable’ means it can be used again and again and can be moved all over the country. Here are some reasons why portable buildings give you a competitive advantage for you business:

portable buildings gives you a competitive advantage

Cost Effective

Portable buildings can be used during construction work if your office is getting refurbished, they can be used at festivals or they can be used at pop up events. If you ensure they are looked after enough, there is no reason why investing in a portable buildings can’t last you for years and years. If you buy a basic portable building that can be easily adapted to different events then this will reduce not only your costs but also your carbon footprint. Being able to reuse products is a large part of sustainability and by keeping up with the sustainability movement then your company can gain a competitive advantage and make you more attractive to customers. Eco-friendly portable buildings can come with  passive infra-red lighting, low-energy fluorescent lighting, double glazing, passive on-demand tap water and flushing, boiler timers, heaters on timers, smart heaters and high levels of insulation that exceed building regulations, depending on which model you go for.

portable buildings look cool

Be Creative

Portable buildings can give you a competitive advantage by using them in your marketing strategy. Pop ups are a hugely successful strategy for reaching new consumers and increasing awareness of your brand. It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant, barber shop or sell clothing – decorate your portable building to ensure it is warm, friendly and attractive to new and potential consumers.

You can also take your portable buildings to events such as festivals and exhibitions – the same idea as a pop up shop. Showcase your product or service in an eye-catching and unique way in order to entice customers. Lightening, balloons, music and decor are key for this strategy to work. A portable building is an investment and help your marketing team to get creative.