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Eco Showers

Do you want to know if having an eco shower helps the environment? Well, it does! An eco shower is basically just a showerhead that makes use of much less water than typical showerheads used in the average home. In fact, many homes that have an eco shower installed actually will use 40 percent less water than homes that do not have an eco shower installed.

And, it is not only saving money but also saving the earth and saving yourself some time as well. An overhead shower uses a lot of water just to shower and use the soap and hot water. A showerhead without a pump uses these resources at the most efficient rate available. This saves you time and money and also helps the environment. Eco shower head actually helps the environment by using very little water and still does a great job of getting your skin clean.

There are a few different types of eco-friendly shower heads out there, such as the flexible hose showerhead and the ionic showerhead. The flexible hose showerhead uses its special bending ability to direct the spray towards the user’s feet. The ionic showerhead uses a patented ceramic material that has small negative ions that gently soothe your skin and create a soothing sensation. If you choose a hose or a showerhead with the aforementioned special qualities, you can really save money and help the environment at the same time.