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A Guide To Eco Friendly Transport

Transport in the present day has come a long way since the beginning of the production of trains as well as cars and other vehicles. Alongside the changing types of vehicles we see on the roads there have been a wide range of innovations in technology in order to reduce their overall environmental impact but there is a lot that can still be done to make them better overall. Through this guide we will look at the different forms of transport available to us and evaluate the overall benefits as well as barriers to accessing them.

Public Transport

Public transport is probably one of the best ways through which eco- friendly transport can be achieved overall. London is one of the cities in the UK leading the way in terms of eco-friendly public transport as the majority of its buses are now being built to be either hybrids or fully electric. This means that in the next few years it is anticipated that London will have a fleet of zero emissions buses across the City allowing for much better air quality and a greatly reduced overall impact on the environment as a whole.

As well as buses being made to be greener there are of course other forms of transport that are being converted so that they produce less emissions and are more beneficial to the general public overall. One of these is London taxi cabs. London taxi cabs are one of the biggest polluters within the city centre. However more grants are being made available to ensure that they are sustainable and that emissions can be reduced overall. Electric London taxis are slowly being phased in with government grants and subsidies being offered to taxi drivers who are willing to make the change from the traditional cab to the electric one.

Other Forms Of Transport

Of course as well as public transport there are a variety of other forms of transport that can be used in order to make your way to work or from a to b. As it stands one of the most popular and mainstream forms of transport which is in common use is the car. Cars make up a large chunk of commuters as well as overall traffic in Britain. One of the main reasons why cars are so popular is the freedom that they can offer people as well flexibility.

However one of the downfalls of the modern car is emissions. Although emissions levels have been brought down significantly by newer technology in recent years there is still a long way to go before the majority of vehicles on the road have close to zero emissions. Although there is plenty of investment in newer technologies such as electric cars from governments there is a distinct lack of grants which may be discouraging people from adopting this technology overall.

To conclude there is a lot of progress that needs to be made in terms of making Eco-friendly technology available to the wider public. This can be done through lowering prices as well as introducing more electric charge points across the country to make it more viable overall.