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How Is Climate Change Affecting Our Environment?

There are a variety of different ways overall in which climate change is affecting our environment. In this article we will look at the main repercussions that have come about as a result of climate change. We will also examine what can be done to prevent climate change from affecting our environment.

What Is Climate Change?

Climate change is a process that is ever present and is influencing the way the worlds environment and climate around us changes. Climate change in the current day and age is thought to have been mainly triggered by actions of the human race. As a result the climate and environment around the world is changing rapidly and beyond recognition.

a major cause of climate change is increased C02 levels within the atmosphere. These increased C02 levels have lead to a significantly warmer environment overall. Global temperatures are rising , and this is causing many parts of the world to change dramatically.

How Is Climate Change Affecting The World Overall?

  • Climate change is affecting the world in many different ways overall. One of the main ways in which the world is being affected by climate change is poorer overall air quality. Increasingly across the world more and more cities are growing or being built. Soon after construction most cities become polluted and filled with fumes as well as other pollutants. This can eventually lead to ill health for people within these areas. It also creates much worse overall air quality.
  • Another key way in which climate change is affecting the world we live in is global warming. Around the world global warming is becoming more and more of a prevalent and challenging issue. One of the major fears sparked by the noticeable effects of climate change is that the ice caps in the polar regions will eventually melt. This could lead to vastly increased sea levels overall which could threaten life on Islands.
  • As well as raising the risk of flooding around the world , global warming is also being attributed to longer droughts and periods of hot weather globally. This is having a devastating effect on livestock as well as farmers and their crops.

What Is Being Done To Fight Climate Change?

There are many different actions that are being taken in order to fight climate change and improve the current state that the world is in. One major change which is being made in many countries across the world in the next 20 to 30 years is the addition of electric cars into the car market. Electric cars are of course already in circulation. However they are not popular and sales remain low.

Over the next 20 to 30 years governments from around the world hope to see a significant rise in the number of electric cars on the road and being sold. This could help to significantly reduce the amount of C02 being produced around the world. However , this action alone will not slow down or prevent climate change. More action is needed to ensure that climate change is reduced to somewhat manageable levels.

In addition to the measures announced by governments , global protests have provoked a worldwide debate about climate change and the potential repercussions that it could have.